CGSpace Guidelines

We use to publish all types of agricultural research outputs and results produced by different parts of CGIAR and partners. The space indexes reports, articles, press releases, presentations, videos, policy briefs and more.

Who to contact to contribute documents to CGSpace:

In ILRI Bizuwork Mulat, Abenet Yabowork
In the programs within ILRI Tezira Lore , Dorine Odongo

If you want a new collection/community created on CGSpace, please contact:

How to publish documents in CGSpace:
  1. Login using your usual network login credentials (CGIAR users)
  2. Select the community/collection you want to submit documents to; if you don’t have rights to submit to that collection, contact
  3. Follow the proper citation style for the type of document you want to submit and add your items to the collection. See citations online at CGSpace: multimedia, publications, project profiles, etc
  4. Status of your submission
  • When you submit an item you will receive an e-mail alert from CGSpace
  • When it is approved/goes online you will again receive an e-mail that your submission has been 'approved and archived'

You can subscribe to e-mail alerts/RSS feed from:


Detailed guideline only for comms CGSpace editors (upload editors guide here)