January 2018

CKM leadership and strategy: Shirley Tarawali
  1. Leadership coordination: Ben Hack, James Stapleton, Susan MacMillan
  2. Day-to-day recharges and expenditure approval and budget monitoring: James Stapleton with Mahlet Kassa (Addis Ababa) and Wilson Maina (Nairobi)

Publishing and curation: James Stapleton
  1. Corporate publishing (branding, design, graphics, editorial and multimedia): James Stapleton with Apollo Habtamu, Betty Alemu, Meron Mulatu
  2. Editorial consultant database: James Stapleton
  3. Website development and maintenance: Daniel Haile-Michael with Tariku Tsegaye
  4. CGSpace repository management: Abenet Yabowork with Bizuwork Mulat and Sisay Webshet with consultancy support from Peter Ballantyne
  5. Editorial oversights for blogs: Paul Karaimu
  6. Infocentre services: Wilson Maina (Nairobi) and Mahlet Kassa (Addis)
  7. Addis campus communications and CRP site integration: Beamlak Tesfaye with Mahlet Kassa
  8. Corporate website static content: James Stapleton with Paul Karaimu and Daniel Haile-Michael with Tariku Tsegaye
    1. Exhibit support:
      Programs/ projects/ regions: Embedded communications officers
      Corporate Kenya: Paul Karaimu, with Ann Mureithi (directorate) and Muthoni Njiru (AVCD)
      Corporate Ethiopia: Meron Mulatu

Awareness and advocacy: Susan MacMillan
  1. Corporate blogging, public awareness and advocacy: Susan MacMillan
  2. Program and project blogging and public awareness campaigns: Embedded communications officers
  3. Corporate news media: Susan MacMillan, with Meron Mulatu for media events in Ethiopia.
  4. Corporate social media: Susan MacMillan, Tsehay Gashaw and Ewen Le Borgne (external consultant)
  5. ILRI corporate identity / Flicker image repository (incl. fulfilling requests for images): Susan MacMillan
  6. Curation of ILRI materials on CGIAR website: Susan MacMillan with Abenet Yabowork

Engagement and collaboration: James Stapleton
  1. Event and workshop design, facilitation, reporting and support: Tsehay Gashaw with Ewen Le Borgne and Peter Ballantyne (external consultants)
  2. CKM support for induction of new staff: Tsehay Gashaw
  3. ILRI Yammer: Ben Hack
  4. Maarifa News: James Stapleton

Corporate collaboration: Ben Hack
  1. Collaboration tools, document sharing and contact management system: Ben Hack
  2. Wiki management and support: Tsehay Gashaw

Strategic support to ILRI program/project communications
  1. ACGG and FtF Mali Livestock Scaling Technology Program: Ewen Le Borgne (external consultant)
  2. AfricaRISING: Ewen Le Borgne (external consultant)
  3. CRP A4NH, ILRI Livestock Genetics (LiveGene) and AHH programs: Susan MacMillan
  4. CRP Livestock: Under recruitment
  5. ILRI Somali LIVES project: James Stapleton

Strategic support to ILRI regional communications
  1. ILRI Asia: Susan MacMillan
  2. ILRI Southern Africa: James Stapleton
  3. ILRI West Africa: Ewen Le Borgne (external consultant)