Jimmy's Video

  • The use video to communicate with staff started in late 2011.
  • Initially an opportunity for the new DG to talk to staff across all ILRI's locations.
  • These brief video's - currently known as 'Moments with Jimmy Smith' have focused on giving announcements
  • Their release (dates) has depended on whether there have been issues to address/respond to

Improving the effectiveness of Jimmy's video

Make them regular

Arrange a scheduling meeting with Jimmy about how often these videos can/should be produced. Perhaps monthly? Can be a message that staff come to expect maybe on the 'state of ILRI' or something like that.

Consider subjects other than announcements

At this point I am not sure what other content we can include in the messages apart from announcements. Perhaps we may want to do longer videos of him responding to issues about livestock (global) etc, such as when/if he produces a policy brief (to have a video of the same). This needs discussions with Jimmy on expanding content scope.

Use video messages for MC meetings reports

Consider also 'videoing' members of the MC (apart from Jimmy) who give brief highlights at the conclusion of these meetings. Again this needs further discussion with management. This would perhaps eventually encourage the use of the 'video platform' by others in the institute (Not sure if we would like to encourage this?)


A video camera/dslr in Nairobi is needed in the short/long term as use of video grows. At the moment, we are using Flip cameras which have limitations including inability to attach microphones for better quality audio. Not sure about the situation in Addis.

Comments ELB: I like the ideas - particularly inviting other MC members to come up with video messages and also planning a series of thematic messages from Jimmy. I think these might complement campus comms (thematic discussions dear to Peter and me) as well as for the ILRI town halls. Dunno how it's documented now, haven't re-checked, but might be useful to have also a list of all the video messages to have an overview of what's been tackled this way.