Templates for different ILRI products

ILRI Powerpoint template (POT format)

ACGG powerpoint template

LIVES powerpoint template

Africa RISING powerpoint template

Africa RISING document template

BecA powerpoint template

ILRI poster template (PPTX format)

LIVESTOCK CRP powerpoint template

LIVESTOCK CRP document template

ILRI Letterhead template (DOCx format)

Instructions for users in Nairobi and Addis Ababa

Letterhead template:

ILRI certificate template

Publishing Templates

These all come in two versions: A 'standard' template where CGIAR is credited. A 'CRP' template where a CRP is credited (instead of the CGIAR). All reports and publications MUST credit the CGIAR or a CRP (thru logos). CRP logos are online:

Public Awareness Templates

  • 'suitcase' folder

  • 'briefcase' folder