ILRI produces Slidecasts, which are combinations of Audio and PowerPoint.

It nicely syncs the person speaking with the slide showing
Slidecast is hosted on the website
Useful for documenting presentations in a meeting

Required tools

Making a Slidecast
  • Identify a possibly interesting presentation
  • Record Audio (or Video later you can extract the audio), if a wireless mic is used make sure it doesn't interfere with the audio recorder.
  • After collecting the Audio and the PowerPoint edit both for standard (PowerPoint) and remove the coughs, emmm, and pauses from the audio
  • Edit audio file to shorted as it determines the length of the Slidecast and must be in mp3.
  • Upload PowerPoint first to give proper title, description and tags
  • Being on the slide edit page click on the "Create Slidecast" on the top menu
  • Upload the mp3 file and wait
  • synchronization tool is where you synch the slides with the Audio. The blue bars in the synchronization workspace indicate where a slide begins and end.
  • play the audio and find the exact synchronization spots with the blue bars
  • after finishing all the slides save and publish

Find ILRI Slidecasts at: