Internal Communications
Questions and feedbacks from the final presenation

Comments from Bruce
Notice boards:
  • Time frames for the notice boards –
  • How many monitors
  • Who is going to update it and
  • What is the content

(Peter): By the end of March we will have it tested
  • Content:
    • A lot of the content will be what happened on the week ahead appear on the monitors
    • Slow day with events post on the monitor Suzan’s blogs or important messages from Jimmy Smith (we can experiment on how we use it), photo of the week etc….
    • Internal Job adverts

Week Ahead:
  • Week ahead to go on the notice boards
  • Make sure that it is simple and easy (keep it as simple as possible is an important criteria)

Another question from Bruce
  • How did you know that this is effective (Jimmy’s video)
  • Evelyn: From peers and word of mouth

Another comment from Bruce
Coffee morning
In Addis try and go for once a week if it works
Spontaneous which makes it more fun (a coffee hour and a half) the more it happens the less we start losing our clients (keep those in mind as you take it foreward)
Group discussion:
  • What improvements do you think we have
  • What is missing from all of this (approaches or tools that the group hasn’t given attention to)
  • Priorities again

Presentation was followed by 10 minutes discussions on the questions below:
  • What improvements do you think we have
  • What is missing from all of this (approaches or tools that the task force hasn’t given attention to)
  • Priorities (are the priorities or should we prioritize it better)

Group from Nairobi:
  • The week ahead – streamlining and include western Africa
  • Scientific seminars are very important to have more engaging seminars
  • Institutional survey is a priority and work on it soon to get a sense of what people feel as it helps to shape up our internal communications strategy
  • Set up action dates for the points raised

  • In Addis the CaSt group there are seminars Peter asked whether the same happens in Nairobi
    • Evelyn: There are seminars in Nairobi but not as such structured. We're hoping that Komms Klinic makes these seminars more engaging as Jimmy Smith mentioned that we need to prioritize it and make it more structured.
Groups from Addis:
1st Group
  • Improve coffee morning and make it weekly
  • Staff joining only is heard at coffe morning what reseachers are doing is not heard often in coffee mornings.
  • Not much information from hosted institutions and we need to hear more from them.
  • E-mail asking for highlights should come from mgt to get priority
  • Bring the communications team in gatherings like this to share ideas from other institutions/departments

2nd Group
  • Including a guideline on how to use yammer and for what purpose (content - what should be posted on yammer)
  • Revamping the ILRINet is missing
  • Scientific seminars should be high priority

3rd Group
  • Agreed with the priorities

  • No improvements suggested
  • Going physically (a door to door approach) on how to use the different tools

General points from Peter:
  • Can we use web-Ex as as an internal communication tool
  • For small groups it was much easier but foor large groups it is quiet challenging
Questions from the presentation (Zerihun):

The prioritization
Ewen: 6 members of the task force scored on both criteria (subjective scoring from one to 10) it is not scientific.
Town hall:
Zerihun asked what the challenges from the last town hall meeting (International Women's Day)

Comments from different people who participated:
  • Sound (audio) was a challenge
  • Not so many people attended – very disappointing (from Addis and Nairobi) In Nairobi less than 10 people at the JVC even less in Addis
  • The terminology was not easy to understand and audio was poor and people started leaving (Addis)Nairobi:
  • In Nairobi there were lots of activities around the International Women's day and people felt fatigued

Suggestion from Ewen
  • Make Town Hall meetings in the morning

Steps ahead from Peter

A power point presentation consisting:
  • Who and how we do it to be taken to Bruce, Shirley and Jimmy
  • Some of the suggestions can already start to be implimented
  • Updated presentation what is doable and what is feasible
  • What the tools would be but for what purpose and make the presentation more outcome oriented

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.